A Poem for Ema - Don't Block Your Blessings

A Poem for Ema

Sometimes words and music is the only way to express or let your feelings out, so that you could live in them in a bearable way… I wrote this last night, as I was slipping into slumber, thinking about my mom and praying for her health. As I wrote each word I broke down sobbing…, it’s just all too much, my kids lost their bubbie this year, she was incredible and one of my fav people in the world, so this is all the more unreal and unfair. I’m just praying for the spiritual worlds to intervene with this physical world and her physical being… thank you all for your support through this, it means so much to me and my fam!?

A love untainted
I expected nothing
given everything
nursed into existence
I followed you around the world
every bit of art inspired by
your family
exiled for thousands of years
eyes on the holy land
showed me about
your love in my little hand
I’m crying as I realize
soon I can’t reach out
at least not in this world
but the bits you left
I’ll pick them all up
till there’s nothing left
put it in my art
set it free
now it’s you & me
& the person who
… that it’s real.