En route to DC to visit my mom - Don't Block Your Blessings

En route to DC to visit my mom

En route to DC to visit my mom (& sister). Unfortunately my mom is not doing well, I’ve been praying and saying Tehillim in hopes of the spiritual world intervening with this physical world for her rn. Feels weird to quote John Mayer, but I can’t not hear him singing… pleading even.. “Keep me where the Light is”. The Arizal teaches that the spiritual worlds are in constant flux, making each new day an entirely new creation (Eitz Chaim 1:5). Reb Noson (mi Breslov) explains that renewing the Act of Creation alludes to Hashem constantly constricting His light and then filling the Vacated space with the creation, just as He did in the beginning. “God separated the light from the darkness.”

Putting positivity into the world, praying, and thinking good can do more than you can imagine. Because by rousing the good point a person genuinely moves to a position of merit. And then the light is revealed, and the darkness is correspondingly separated and set apart from the light, the evil from the good, and so on… as is elaborated on in Likutie Halachot. Here’s to a new world with Light that shines over all the darkness.

My moms Hebrew name is Frida Levona bat Yedida if you want to have her in your prayers. ** photo of me, my sis, and my mom when we lived in Italy. Much love y’all💜