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  • Fabian Lijtmaer Artist "How can we awaken our souls? For me, it starts with music… turning myself into a vessel, I enter a meditative state as I sing, dance and do martial arts."
  • Sara Mandel Healer Sara is a Yoga teacher based in the Midwest. She is a firm believer that the struggles we encounter on the yoga mat can be taken and applied to all the other areas in our lives to help us with our daily challenges.
  • Cast members from Broadway’s Hamilton join The-Piano-Art-Project Musician Cast members from Broadway's Hamilton join The-Piano-Art-Project, an immersive two-dimensional musical and artistic experience, wherein a modified piano paints the notes of a song onto a canvas as it is being played, resulting in visualizing the music on the canvas. 
  • Bomani X Musician The face of Clubhouse and the host of its #CottonClub, Bomani X is an artist in every sense of the word, a guitarist, singer songwriter, and a celebrity digital strategist who has worked with Jill Scott, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Wyclef, and more.
  • Dr. Aparajita (AJ) Healer
    Session TitleMaking Your Invisible Visible for Happiness
    AJ is a social psychologist, a diversity and inclusion consultant, a certified life and executive coach, an author, a speaker, a podcaster, an immigrant, and a two-time Traumatic Brain Injury survivor. Dr. AJ is the Founder and CEO of AJ Rao, LLC.
  • Alicia Dunams Healer
    Session TitleThe Slippery Slope vs. The Conscious Climb - Managing Our Unconscious Bias
    Alicia Dunams is the founder of Bestseller in a Weekend , and has helped more that 1500 leaders write books. She is also a leadership trainer, executive coach and certified peacemaker.
  • Gattison Musician
    Session TitleGattison
    Gattison's musical career includes two grammy considerations and his music making the billboard charts. You'll enjoy the unique sound that is GATTISON!
  • Abreesha* Artist Abreesha Jones was raised in Moreno Valley, California. The Southern California native first discovered her artistic niche while in high school, where she discovered her natural talent for painting.
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