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  • Manuel Sanchez Healer
    Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences
    Emi Ollin is an indigenous community collective designed to bridge sacred arts, indigenous teachings, and wisdoms through sustainable practices. We respect the indigenous ways and teachings of all lands, all people, and all traditions inclusive of gender, spiritual practice, culture, and ethnicity.
  • Sey x Yes Artist Sey is an award winning contemporary street artist and designer, born in Tokyo, raised in New York City and currently based in Los Angeles.
  • Deborah Stokol Musician Deborah Stokol is an Argentinean-South African-Jewish, Los Angeles-based musician. She is a composer, lyricist, pianist, singer, harper, and guitar-playing producer working as the Kairos Records label.
    Session TitleDepression Slaughter
    Honesty is essential to an artist’s credibility. Hailing from Chicago, it is the truth in HARDCHARLiE’s music that sets him apart from so many other artists.
  • Shlome Artist Shlome J. Hayun is a contemporary multi-media artist with a positive outlook for the world. Shlome’s literal name translation in Hebrew means “peace,” so it’s no surprise that his art truly mirrors life and is an extension of himself.
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