Abreesha* - Don't Block Your Blessings



My Mission: Create art that transforms spaces by bringing new perspectives of energy, inspiration and self-love.

Abreesha Jones was raised in Moreno Valley, California. The Southern California native first discovered her artistic niche while in high school, where she discovered her natural talent for painting.  Abreesha went on to study various aspects of form, space and color manipulation during her attendance of the distinguished Otis College of Art + Design, based on the west coast of Los Angeles. Abreesha later began painting full time while she managed her self-titled online art gallery and attending various art circuits in Atlanta, GA. Reluctantly, Abreesha found her passion for art would have to be put on hold as she focused on family and furthering her education. Five years later, Abreesha received her Bachelors degree from UC Riverside while revamping her online art gallery. Seeking to be an overall motivator to those she encounters, Abreesha expanded her education receiving her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Cal State University, Northridge. Abreesha has proven her ability to reach goals by simply choosing that it is never too late to take one more step towards winning. She creates artwork that inspires, reiterates self-love and emphasizes development. Encouraging others, who face what may seem like defeating moments, to push forward and appreciate those moments as opportunities for growth. She lives by her saying, “True happiness goes beyond good circumstances, live no matter what the day brings”. -AJ