Caitlin Jemma - Don't Block Your Blessings
Caitlin Jemma

Caitlin Jemma

“A genre-bending take on radical self-love” -Vortex Music Magazine

To experience a Caitlin Jemma performance is to witness an artist blossoming in real time. Her sound fills the room with an assertion that remains open to all that it encounters, and each song is a living, growing entity that reflects the melding of a myriad of influences. Her versatility emerges through an honest exploration of her art, and her identity remains steady as she traverses the musical spectrum of soul, country, and mystical folk.

As an artist, she runs away from nothing: the wild stands alongside the polished, the intimate beside the far-reaching. At the heart of each song is a story: one we all live, relate to, celebrate and mourn… stories told with transparency that ignites the imagination of the lands she’s traveled and the people she’s gathered as her own.

IG: @caitlinjemma