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DJ Beatific

DJ Beatific


Having shown an affinity for music from a very young age, Andorian Ramsey (affectionately known as Beatific )  has been fine-tuning his skills with a unique repertoire of mixes, music elements, and playlists. His career took off in 2009, propelled by his peers and fellow classmates of Howard University; they loved the mind-bending sounds and mixes of DJ Beatific. With influences ranging from 80s funk, EDM, to indie and hip-hop,  Beatific is one DJ who isn’t afraid to innovate and try something new.

As a dedicated entertainer,   Beatific  has been moving and entertaining crowds since he was 10 years old. Although he was born in the early 90’s, his roots in music date baxack to the “80’s Funk era” seeing his grandfather and uncles ( Zapp and Roger ) perform and entertain Beatific grew into the philosophy that everyone is connected through music regardless of age, race, gender, or creed.

With nothing more than an iPad and an eclectic array of music,  Beatific impressively burst onto the Washington D.C. DJ scene back in 2009. Since then, He’s become well-renowned for his creative ingenuity and original grooves. A slew of hot tracks and unconventional performances has elevated  Beatific to a level few DJs ever reach. “I’m my own worst critic, I consistently work on my mixes and blends to ensure I always bring something new and impressive to my shows.” says Beatific.

Today,   Beatific averages 175-200 public/private events a year ranging in all genres and age groups across the nation.  His motto is “Every Genre, Any Language” because Beatific isn’t the type of DJ to play only one genre but instead offer curated elements of each Genre that his clients and audience is sure to love.