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Dominic Swinn

Dominic Swinn


Sound Practitioner, IPEC Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Dominic was born near London, England and then moved to the Bay Area in 2006. Apart from some Shamanic work in London, Dominic’s spiritual path didn’t begin to manifest until a traumatic break up caused him to seek help in his healing. After several years working with a traditional therapist he sought a more energetic approach to healing and became interested in Reiki and energy practices. Life Coach training became an important part of the healing process and he experienced incredible fulfillment and learning through helping others. 

Having grown up in a musical family and after many years of DJing, sound therapy was a natural progression and has become both a passion and powerful healing tool in his life. Dominic has been working once a week at a private clinic in the Bay Area offering Sound Baths to teens with addiction, depression and anxiety. Over the three years he has been working at the clinic with hundreds of teens, he has seen amazing results that range from decreased anxiety to unblocking past trauma. He is also involved with two groups offering alternative healing to children with autism.

During sound sessions Dominic plays Quartz Crystal Signing Bowls that create powerful resonance and vibration to help move stuck energy through the body and balance the Chakras. Dominic, like many others, struggled for years to find his voice. He incorporates toning and the use of the voice as an important part of the healing practice.