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Fabian Lijtmaer

Fabian Lijtmaer


“How can we awaken our souls? For me, it starts with music… turning myself into a vessel, I enter a meditative state as I sing, dance and do martial arts. Then I draw down light from the higher realms and shape this light into color and movement. In a sense it is letting go. Releasing the shackles which bind me to the physical world so I may walk upon a different plane, the realm of the spirit.”

Ariel Fabian Lijtmaer was born in NYC to Jewish parents from Argentina. Journeys across the Earth have been key to his spiritual evolution. Fabian has roamed the Andes Mountains and the High Grasslands of Tibet, exploring Underwater Kingdoms in Indonesia and abiding in the magical city of Kyoto, Japan where he produced his first feature film.

Fabian has a Masters Degree in Leadership & Change. Education and storytelling are among his passions and he has combined these strengths, leading meditations using art and music as a lens to touch the divine. Currently he is teaching and in Los Angeles and producing a spiritual fantasy project called Tale of 3. The “Lightmaker”, as some call him, has been painting for nearly 40 years. Ariel Fabian hopes his art will be a gateway to ignite the imagination and help people build a sanctuary of stillness within themselves.

Website: www.unboundpictures.com
IG: @unboundpictures
FB: www.facebook.com/fabian.lijtmaer