Gerle - Don't Block Your Blessings



Not all heroes wear capes but we’re all capable of being brave. Whether on a page, a 24-bit wav or a well-lit stage, she appears before you as Gerle but it’s more than just a word, it’s a world.

Showered in empowerment, Gerle explores the unique divinity of being human,  knowing that every person can illuminate, can radiate, can be vulnerable, feel sorrow, question tomorrow.

Gerle wants to put people back in touch with the living/breathing world around them.  She isn’t an opinion, or an influencer, a talking head or a TikTok snippet, she’s a movement, a reflection of the beauty, the strength within, a gateway back to the beginning.

She recognizes the need to help restore our humanity, our sense of decency, to ourselves, to the community. People can embrace their being, their sense of deity, their sexuality, their morality, their abnormalities.

The resonance of her voice, its innate power to connect with the hertz of the universe became a powerful form of therapy that gave her clarity. She wants to share her gift because it helped her navigate to a better place.


A potion for every human. It’s not a means to an end but a beginning.

On her latest single “Head In A Bottle,” co-written with Grammy Award-winning producer, ToneDef, an enchanting vocal melody that recalls the brimming electricity of Amy Lee, the soul-stirring majesty of Kerli and the effervescent power of Demi Lovato hugs your spirit with a warm embrace of a brave new day.

It’s a window to her soul. “Head In A Bottle is about struggle. The struggle to trust the love of your life when he says he loves you and you’re his person after letting you down over and over. When someone gives you the love you’ve always wanted, it’s hard to walk away. 

Before Bottle, Gerle began her journey to the surface with the piano-driven confessional, “Drown You Out (Acoustic)” before exploring shades of pain with the captivating “Shadows,” which has a companion Stripped version.

On her Stripped divinations, Gerle purposefully peels back the layers offering bare editions of her vision. Dressed up, dressed down, the songs, the person, the passion.

In regards to the duality of shadows, she speaks with a brave heart, “They say, there’s a thin line between love and hate. I never understood that until now.”

The good news is that she’s taken the swim and is ready to dive in.