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Jen The Rainmaker

Jen The Rainmaker

Jen The Rainmaker is referred to as a Native Dream Guide in her community who founded DreamYOU University to teach people how to create their dream lives while sleeping using an ancient secret practice that has been passed down for thousands of years by her ancestors known as dream planting.

Today, using her Nahuatl name, Xochiquetzalli (pronounced SHO-CHEE-KET-SALL-E) meaning, the blossoming one, Jen embraces her ancestor’s secret codexes, ceremonies, dances, dreaming, healing, and manifestation practices, as she dedicates her life to  guiding others by teaching them how to plant dreams and reprogram their subconscious while they sleep. It is believed that our dreams create our waking reality and we can create our lives consciously while we sleep. As a Dream Guide, Native Life Guide and the founder of the online school, DreamYOU University, she serves as a key to unlocking dreams by utilizing ancient dream planting and other secret practices passed down throughout the ages of her Chichimeca and Toltec ancestors.

This practice has been used by her students to create spiritual, physical, mental and tangible results. Jen is a former corporate coach with a mission to leave a legacy that will help trillions of people live their dream lives by reprogramming their subconscious while they sleep.
Here are just some of the things students have experienced from Dream Planting: Inner Peace, Business Growth, Career Growth, Increased Confidence, Freedom From Anxiety, Freedom From Self Sabotage, Freedom From Limiting Beliefs, Bought Their Dream Homes, Healing Inner Child, Speaking Engagement, Met Their Dream Partners, and Healing From Trauma.

Title of session: Dream Planting for Blessings with Native Dream Guide Jen The Rainmaker

Session blurb: What if every dream you ever had created your reality and made who you are with the sun? What if you could plant dreams and reprogram your subconscious to create the reality you desire? For thousands of years Chichimeca Dream Warriors have done that and now you can learn about these practices that have been passed down parent to child, teacher to student for thousands of years in secrecy. We invite you to join us to plant dreams in our dream garden.

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