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Luke Kohen

Luke Kohen

Session TitleScalable Fulfillment

Scalable Fulfillment

In this workshop Luke Kohen touches on his 15 year background in supporting other’s build the life of their dreams from the inside out. Touching on his intense journey of initiations & apprenticeships Luke shares how you can deepen your path of self-mastery in order to expand your capacity to rock your purpose, experience more love, healing, growth and impact.

We will touch on the foundations of shadow work and spiritual healing, mind-set & practical tools for achieving your desired reality. Many revere Luke’s facilitation for the safety, relatability, compassion, non-hierarchical, playful and depth of transmission provided in his sessions & workshops


Luke Kohen is a mentor, heartist, speaker & ecopreneur with over a decade of experience empowering individuals, groups & movements.

With a background spanning 14 years as a community builder, Luke stands at the intersection of social impact entrepreneurship, new systems change, environmentalism and universal wisdom traditions.

He serves as a self-mastery mentor for leaders, founders & change agents. Luke travels the globe teaching, offering his music, spoken word poetry, sharing powerful messages on stages & online as an ambassador for peace, prosperity, & planet.

Luke is based on the island of Bali, Indonesia