Shlome - Don't Block Your Blessings



Shlome J. Hayun is a contemporary multi-media artist with a positive outlook for the world. Shlome’s literal name translation in Hebrew means “peace,” so it’s no surprise that his art truly mirrors life and is an extension of himself. He believes that as an artist he has an obligation to spread positivity and light through his artistic mediums which reflect a spiritual intensity, a vivid color palatte and immersive patterns.

Hayun differentiates himself as an artist with three distinct styles:

● Abstracts inspired by nature magnified;

● Vibrant pop art designed with intricate patterns and uplifting colors featuring pop icons;


● Hamsas, known in many cultures to ward off bad energy

Shlome believes art bridges gaps and brings people together. A Los Angeles native and self-taught artist, Hayun was inspired from an early age seeing art in everything from the wood rings on his parent’s dining table to his toys. Since that time, Hayun
has honed an unmistakable style that blends lush colors, vivid backgrounds, abstract design, and elements of street and pop art with a blissful, Zen-like quality.
While Hayun was always drawn to painting as a key artistic expression, he was also a lead
singer for Hip-Hop and R&B group Vokcal (Voice of Knowledge California or Voice of
Knowledge Can Alter Life), a band which toured internationally and performed half Hebrew, half English songs with postive, socially aware messages including the power of unity, even if people come from very different backgrounds.

Hayun’s penchant for music has become a strong inspiration in the art he creates today. His art is infused by literal dancing with his paintings with each brushtroke that imitates the beat and the vibe of the music to which he is painting. Hayun will work with any medium he can get his hands on – be it spray paint, resin, acrylics, rust, chains, wood, glass, ceramics, glitter, old instruments and more. He simply loves to create and inspire.

Hayun’s newest collection – The Fallen Legends Series – honors legendary cultural icons like Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, Marilyn Monroe and others who have since passed but have left a living legacy. Following the preview of this new collection at the LA Art Show, in the Spring of 2019, Shlome will aptly debut the full collection of The Fallen Legends Series at the historic Hollywood Palladium.

“Just like music, there are different sounds and frequencies in art. Both art and music are a direct expression of your voice, thoughts and experiences. Thoughts and experiences become action. Different thoughts and experiences then become different actions which become different paintings.”

“I love the control and the lack of control I get from painting. Your strokes can be so clean and on point and you can decide to add to what you’re doing, but the canvas still has a mind of its own. You can try to manipulate the canvas so much, and still be surprised by the outcome.

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