Recap from our weekly "#CheatCodes to Happiness" conversations on Clubhouse - Don't Block Your Blessings

Recap from our weekly “#CheatCodes to Happiness” conversations on Clubhouse

In case you missed todays  “#CheatCodes to Happiness // Don’t Block Your Blessings✨” conversation on Clubhouse, here’s King Moon’s recap; 

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CH: HOW TO NOT BLOCK YOUR BLESSINGS 101 (the following are quick notes by King Moon from all the participants who shared in our room in the Clubhouse app); 

Look at the silver lining, by being resilient and finder higher perspective

Your perspective can really shape how your life unfolds

Reverse engineer happiness

Faith and Perspective are THE dynamic duo

Faith and Hope as a part of the mission. Without those things you have fear of the unknown

Faith is a muscle that has to be worked

Understand and come to terms with love and non judgement

An attitude of Gratitude in the morning, sets it up right

Accept what’s out of your control. Accept the external. We can only control and direct the internal

Trust the process and know things will get better

Know life happens for you, not to you

Pay attention to how you judge yourself. Be compassionate and give yourself grace

No need to agree, but understand and accept others

Be intentional with what you are trying to do

Show up and put the effort forward to make a difference

Be yourself. Accept yourself. Just be you.

Place your happiness and fulfillment in yourself

Let go of how you try to control the narrative

You can imagine and speak limitations into your life

Don’t share your vision with people who are envious or blind

There is power in your narrative

Stop seeking balance and just be 100% present

The valley, the rock bottom, is what we need to experience who we need to become

Embrace the journey brings happiness

Give the definition of happiness grace as you evolve

Listen to the call, trust your gut

Happiness has only been found when you’ve experienced suffering and pain

Spiritual Bypassing: a “tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks”

Do the work: shadow work, accountability, responsibility

Be real with how you’re feeling.

Giving yourself the freedom to feel what you feel without staying stuck. Being in the flow

You can be grateful for where you are now and still desire better. We can hold multiple realities at once whilst still being grounded in the present!


Much love to Value Culture for sharing the recap to the universe!