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Out of loss and adversity emerges an uplifting global project and festival, led by Erez Safar a.k.a h2the, in honor of his late mother, “Frida Levona bat Shalom”.

Don’t Block Your Blessings is a movement, an online multi-room festival, and a living library that brings light to a world in need of healing.

The project includes a first of its kind live-stream festival featuring musicians, artists, and some of the most innovative minds in self-growth and healing. The debut DBYB festival featured over 40+ world-wide presenters with 25,774 attendees / viewers. It was featured on Fox and everyone from Cast members from Broadway’s Hamilton, to Krishna Das, Shantala, Heather Prete, and DJ Q Bert presented at the festivals.

People all over the world have been sharing videos of positivity and perspective as part of it, including Justin Long (Waiting, Accepted, Dodgeball), David Sacks (writer of The Simpsons), Mayim Byalik (Blossom, Big Bang Theory)and Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips)

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My mom always had a positive outlook, and she made a point of judging everyone favorably. The caring, hopeful way she responded to life and other people was her way of bringing more Light into this world, and filling all who came into contact with her, with Love.

In the spirit of spreading more light and love, I am officially inviting all who are called or moved, to share their stories of personal transformation. Whether it was an aha moment or an arduous journey in your life that shifted your perspective to positivity, I would love to hear about it, and in turn offer it to the world! (Video preferred). My goal is to collect and present an online living library of light and love to a world in need of healing.

If I learned anything from my mother, and I learned pretty much everything from her, it was to always focus on the good, focus on God. View everything as connected, as One. And don’t forget to celebrate the good points. Gratitude for the good that we have, creates the container for the blessings that we need.

Read more about my mom.

Please send your video to info @ dontblockyourblessings.org directly or via wetransfer, google drive or dropbox. & follow @dontblockyourblessings on FB and IG.

thank y’all for your love and support 💜🙏
– Erez

ברוך דיין האמת


Erez Safar

Based out of the stereophonic heart of Los Angeles, Don’t Block You Blessings founder, Erez Safar, award winning producer, who produces music under the names h2the and Diwon, is an LA-based creative machine and gallerist producing video, music and art that pops in a world where popular styles have been left in a state of static.

Safar is also the Founder/CEO of Bancs Media, an award winning production & Marketing company, along with Highku, digital marketing in the Cannabis space, Slay Sonics, a powerhouse indie resource and music marketing platform, The Elemental Life, and Guru and You, a telemedicine treatment platform, and the co-founder of Gallery 38, a creative art space and art gallery in Los Angeles.

His companies have graced Billboard magazine and he has been featured from NPR and the NY Times to USA Today and the Wall Street Journal to name a few media outlets.

Safar is dedicated to bringing diverse people together through education workshops and public appearances with his artists and creating safe spaces for dialog and healing. Safar’s eclectic skill set, varied experience, and passion to help others gives him a unique perspective and insight into a broad variety of critical topics that affect us all.

Tune-in to “#CheatCodes to Happiness // Don’t Block Your Blessings” to hear Safar speak and hold a safe space for others on the Clubhouse app Mondays and  Thursdays from 1-2pm PST.