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Festival Performers

  • CLARATY (Kindred Melodies) Musician
  • Kevin Daniel Musician Raised in North Carolina, Brooklyn-based Americana crooner Kevin Daniel is set on making NYC a destination for Nashville sounds. The songwriter and multi-instrumentalist brings southern rock, gospel, and blues to barrooms of Brooklyn and beyond.
  • Lucinda Belle Musician Pop-noir singer-songwriter and harpist Lucinda Belle has spent the last several years conquering the United Kingdom, and is now bringing her trademark sound, melding the elegance of white-gloved classic Hollywood with smart hooks and playful pan-genre appropriation, to the United States.
  • The Breath Center Healer
    Session TitleSurfing the Apocalypse
    The Breath Center is a highly visible, transformational organization dedicated to the increased, conscious productivity of individuals and top-level professionals through education, facilitation and the practice of “Respiratory Therapies” utilized by some of the worlds most successful and innovative, industry leaders.
  • Mona Green Healer
    Session TitleMaking the Ego an Amigo 
    Mona Green is a speaker, life coach, and artist defined by her curiosity and her desire to help others self-realize and become more intentional and joyful contributors to society.
  • Brian Zimberg Healer
    Session TitleACCESS FLOW - Own Your Value
    Brian Zimberg is an inspirational speaker and a preeminent expert in modern meditation, mindfulness, and Modern Enlightenment.
  • Zookmann Healer
    Session TitleFighting Back Against Mental Health Stigma in 2021
    Jesse Zook Mann is an Emmy-Award winning documentary filmmaker whose work has been featured on NBC, VICE, MTV, Al Jazeera, Discovery and Science.
  • Nikki Lynette Healer
    Session TitleFighting Back Against Mental Health Stigma in 2021
    Nikki Lynette is a performer, writer, and visual artist whose individual style is equal parts hip hop, alternative, and pop.
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