2020 Festival Recap - Don't Block Your Blessings


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  • Mikey Pauker Musician Mikey Pauker (pronounced pow-ker) is a Jewish Rock artist from Fairfax, California. Pauker has been described as one of "The 10 Stars Of The New Jewish Music via TIME Magazine.
  • Heather Prete Healer
    Session TitleThe Ebb and Flow of Change
    The Ebb and Flow of Change...In Buddhism we understand that we live in a sort of dream... A dream that tells us things are permanent and unchanging. That when relationships, sentient beings, nature changes form, we have lost them into the black hole of mundane life...
  • MOONZz Musician MOONZz is a dynamic singer/songwriter who artfully blends sultry R&B vocals with inventive lyrics to create moody tracks that err on the side of supernatural.
  • Psychic Twin Musician Psychic Twin is a dreamy synth-pop project helmed by Erin Fein. Her songs typically feature lush synthesizers, propulsive beats, and looped backup vocals inspired by singers like Kate Bush and Annie Lennox.
  • Ting Ting Healer
    Session TitleGuānJīng Method | Activating the Healing Power of Your Hands
    Ting Ting began her journey in the science of self healing at an early age. It was through the gateway of Yoga, where she found the power within stillness of the mind and empowerment through the physical postures.
  • Phree artist Phree is an LA Based Artist and Celebrity Fashion Designer. There is no one like Phree, follow the journey.
  • Samuel J Musician Samuel J, is an innovative singer song writer, producer and conservationist from Cornwall (south UK). His unique soul touching voice, gracious melodies and deeply moving lyrics are in-captivating hearts around the world.
  • Alloyius McIlwaine Artist Adorn your home or office with unique artworks from Alloyius Mcilwaine Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alloysius is a self-taught artist who is specifically known for using collage aspect shapes in his pieces.
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