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Ting Ting

Session TitleGuānJīng Method | Activating the Healing Power of Your Hands

Ting Ting began her journey in the science of self healing at an early age. It was through the gateway of Yoga, where she found the power within stillness of the mind and empowerment through the physical postures. Certified in 2014, in the lineage of Sri Vidya- which translates to “the most beautiful Wisdom”- she began guiding others to the stillness and the beauty in within. 2017 she founded a meditation retreat program in Bali Indonesia which focused on silence, inner cleansing, and prolonged meditation practices. She began incorporating the teachings of yoga with other healing modalities such as Reiki, TCM, Qi Gong, and discovered a formula using the most transformational tools within each method that builds mental, emotional and physical resilience in the modern world. The method of GuanJing engages the intelligence within the hearts electromagnetic field to cultivate intuition, emotional resilience, and build strength Through movements, experientially learning about the information within our own field-and the higher functioning of them when the mind and emotions are brought into cohesive alignment with the energetics of the heart. When this occurs, we also have alignment with our intuitive intelligence.

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