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Upcoming Festival

  • MANTRAGOLD Musician Hailing from all over the United States, the R&B-inspired and spirit-driven band Mantragold are friends who met while working in the Los Angeles music scene. With credits that include Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa, Ty Dolla Sign, Bobby McFerrin, Don Henley, ABC and Google, among many others, the band’s members all have impressive resumes of their own.
  • Prince Daniels Jr. Healer
    Session TitleThe Joy of Living
    Some call him half human, half monk, Prince Daniels Jr. is a former NFL Running back and high performance mentor who works with high achievers and athletes to unlock their peak performance.
  • Shantala Musician Benjy and Heather Wertheimer have been leading kirtan (sacred chanting) worldwide since 2001 as the duo Shantala. They are known for their special gift of bringing the audience into a vast and loving experience through their unique blend of exquisite voices with instruments of India and the West.
  • Erin Hammond Artist American painter Erin Hammond engages the art historical genres of Abstract and Neo-Expressionism. Alternating layers of pencil, charcoal, oil and acrylic; Erin experiments in color and calligraphic scribble.
  • DJ Qbert musician DJ QBert, born Richard Quitevis, is widely regarded as the most highly skilled skratching dj that has walked this planet. His long-standing career of innovating the DJ culture has set off a worldwide generation of DJs who are now regarded as musicians and not just DJs that play records, from A-Trak to Craze to C2C to Z-Trip; they would testify to DJ QBert’s influence in their sound and successful careers.
  • The Boom Bap Kids Musician Purveyors of fun and hip hop, The Boom Bap Kids, will bring their fabric puppetry and beats to the festival.
  • Benson Simmonds Healer
    Session Title SOULAR POWER - Tips, techniques and meditations to awaken the power of your soul
    Benson Simmonds is. a master energy healer and spiritual life coach. He helps clients with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges regain their joy, confidence and awaken the power of their soul, or what he refers to as SOULAR POWER.
  • Brian Marc Zimberg Healer
    Session TitleAccessing Oneness - Beyond Meditation
    Brian Marc Zimberg is an inspirational speaker and a preeminent expert in modern meditation, mindfulness, and Modern Enlightenment.
  • David Sacks Healer
    Session TitleThe Book of Closeness
    Born and raised in New York City, David Sacks started his comedy writing career in college as an editor of the Harvard Lampoon. He went on to write for “The Simpsons” for which he won an Emmy Award, “Third Rock from the Sun” for which he won a Golden Globe award, “Malcolm in the Middle”, the live action “Tick.”
  • DEVON Musician Beaming with sun-streaked alt-pop sensibilities, singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Devon effuses optimistic poppy bops.
  • Dina Leialoha Healer
    Session TitleWim Hof Method and Mystic Meditation Journey
    Dina Leialoha is a certified Theta Healing practitioner, Mystic, Doula, Divine Union and transformational guide.  She helps activate people’s voices in the world with integrity and unlock their genius and purpose.
  • h2the Producer Based out of the stereophonic heart of Los Angeles, Erez Safar (h2the), award winning producer and an LA-based creative machine and gallerist producing video, music and art that pops in a world where popular styles have been left in a state of static.
    Session TitleHow to Cure Anxiety
    Honesty is essential to an artist’s credibility. Hailing from Chicago, it is the truth in HARDCHARLiE’s music that sets him apart from so many other artists.
  • Jeneane Van Grotewiel Artist Jeneane Van Grotewiel is a Los Angeles based oil painter who specializes in portraiture and surrealism. Her paintings include loud colors and inviting feminine mystique and overall divine theme.
  • Jeremiah Holguin Healer
    Session TitleWim Hof Method and Mystic Meditation Journey
    Jeremiah Holguin is a holistic health practitioner and regenerative educator in service and gratitude to the eternal perpetuation of our potency and global fertility.
  • Kimmy Dueñas  Healer
    Session TitleBreath, Movement & Identity: Finding Your Center 
    Kimmy Dueñas is an international Mindfulness and Wellbeing Guide, yoga teacher, and conscious activist.
  • Lisa Stuart Healer
    Session TitleNavigating with certainty in uncertain times
    "I empower women to live their purpose authentically & fiercely through inspired action & love."
  • Nico Franc Musician Nico Franc is an LA based soul artist who has brought his design background to the world of an independent singer- songwriter.
  • Psychic Twin Musician Psychic Twin is a dreamy synth-pop project helmed by Erin Fein. Her songs typically feature lush synthesizers, propulsive beats, and looped backup vocals inspired by singers like Kate Bush and Annie Lennox.
  • RÁNA Healer
    Session TitlePain into Power - an immersive experience of breath-work, meditation, and music
    RÁNA is an up-and-coming queer Filipina-American music artist and healer. Her style merges spoken word poetry and rap with meditative vibrant electro pop/hip hop sounds.
  • Sabrina Carmen Musician The voice of genre-defying Sabrina Carmen has been described as “sultry," buttery," and “pillowy like a feather waltz.” Combine that with cinematic vibes and moody soundscapes, and you find her own brand of alternative dream pop. 
  • Smokey Miles Musician Smokey Miles was born Robert Miles NYC. He began playing music and writing songs at an early age, accompanying himself on guitar, harmonica, zither, and accordion, inspired by Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Roy Rogers, lots of blues and any kind of music he came across.
  • Talia Lava Musician Talia Lava is an aspiring artist who has been pursuing singing and songwriting for the past three years. Lava loves to sing all kinds of quality music and believe that all of her music has true substance.
  • Thom Donovan Musician Following a tradition of guitarists reimagining themselves in the switch from electric guitar bands to solo acoustic work, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Thom Donovan views this as rediscovery - not reinvention.
  • Zookmann Healer
    Session TitleFighting Back Against Mental Health Stigma in 2021
    Jesse Zook Mann is an Emmy-Award winning documentary filmmaker whose work has been featured on NBC, VICE, MTV, Al Jazeera, Discovery and Science.
  • Past Festival

  • Aadhya Arya Healer
    Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences
    Aadhya Arya serves as a Personal Transformation Coach and Ascension Lifestyle Guide. She offers Clarity Coaching and Soul Support Sessions to support awakened souls on their journey into greater clarity of their gifts, soul mission, and dharmic purpose.
  • Abreesha* Artist Abreesha Jones was raised in Moreno Valley, California. The Southern California native first discovered her artistic niche while in high school, where she discovered her natural talent for painting.
  • Ada Pasternak Musician Russian-born Violin Virtuoso Ada Pasternak graduated from Berklee College of Music on a Full Scholarship, where she discovered her passion for improvising, singing, and songwriting
  • Adam Cola Musician Adam Cola is a singer, songwriter, dancer and activist originally from Montreal, Canada who champions individuality. By living his truth through his craft, he hopes to be a beacon of light for people who struggle with self-acceptance and empower them on their journey of shamelessly embracing all parts of their identities.
  • Alicia Dunams Healer
    Session TitleThe Slippery Slope vs. The Conscious Climb - Managing Our Unconscious Bias
    Alicia Dunams is the founder of Bestseller in a Weekend , and has helped more that 1500 leaders write books. She is also a leadership trainer, executive coach and certified peacemaker.
  • Alloyius McIlwaine Artist Adorn your home or office with unique artworks from Alloyius Mcilwaine Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alloysius is a self-taught artist who is specifically known for using collage aspect shapes in his pieces.
  • Ashley Brown Sound Healer
    Session TitlePrimal Tone
    Primal Tone is a ceremonial sound exploration intended to create coherence between the mind, body and soul. Through connecting to the songs and prayers held deep in the heart, a space of self reflection is created.
  • B Hill Artist B. Hill, M. Ed. is a Life-long passionate artist and designer, native to Harlem-New York City. The passion and devotedness towards art and design was acknowledged from toddler years, before taking any art instruction.
  • Bee Marina Healer
    Session TitleActivation & Alignment & Alive-ness
    Bee Marina is an Empowerment & Leadership Coach who helps clients activate their souls truth, own their power and live intentionally.
  • Bomani X Musician The face of Clubhouse and the host of its #CottonClub, Bomani X is an artist in every sense of the word, a guitarist, singer songwriter, and a celebrity digital strategist who has worked with Jill Scott, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Wyclef, and more.
  • Caitlin Jemma Musician To experience a Caitlin Jemma performance is to witness an artist blossoming in real time. Her sound fills the room with an assertion that remains open to all that it encounters, and each song is a living, growing entity that reflects the melding of a myriad of influences.
  • Camarie Greenwald Healer
    Session TitleLearn how to use self-hypnosis to bring down your stress levels
    Learn how to use self-hypnosis to bring down your stress levels and join us in a group hypnosis session to relieve anxieties and feel supported by the universe.
  • Casilda Zackhariyas Healer
    Session TitleConscious Capitalism
    Casilda serves as a bridge between spirituality and corporate, to help elevate the consciousness of corporate to be a force for social good.
  • Cast members from Broadway’s Hamilton join The-Piano-Art-Project Musician Cast members from Broadway's Hamilton join The-Piano-Art-Project, an immersive two-dimensional musical and artistic experience, wherein a modified piano paints the notes of a song onto a canvas as it is being played, resulting in visualizing the music on the canvas. 
  • Chanel and the Circus Musician Chanel & the Circus is a theatrical rock band hailing from LA. Spearheaded by gender fluid Chanel (they/them), the band aims to inspire positive mental and physical health. They’ve been gigging around LA playing queer festivals and headlining an actual circus in DTLA. Since quarantine, they have been digging deep and are now recording a musical short film about loss, time, and love.
  • Charlie Kramer Musician Charlie Kramer is song & spirit. Legally blind and with an acoustic guitar, Charlie Kramer unites, magnetizes and elevates the communities around him.
  • Christopher Peña Healer
    Session TitleThe Art of Ceremony
    Christopher Peña is a dreamer, truth seeker, and mindfulness practitioner, rooted in unconditional love and non-judgement. After sustaining an injury in 2015, Chris dove into personal well-being as a means for alternative healing.
  • CLARATY (Kindred Melodies) Musician
  • Danielle Grozavu Healer
    Session TitleWhat’s Blocking Your Blessings?
    Danielle is an Energetic Wellness Specialist who educates people on taking care of their spiritual well-being from a metaphysical perspective. Her mission is to spread awareness about the tools and techniques available that eliminate suffering caused by trauma, emotional baggage and limiting beliefs.
  • DateNite Musician DateNite is a self produced gear nerd living in California with a love for analog synths, sampling, and sound design.
  • Deborah Stokol Musician Deborah Stokol is an Argentinean-South African-Jewish, Los Angeles-based musician. She is a composer, lyricist, pianist, singer, harper, and guitar-playing producer working as the Kairos Records label.
  • Diana Zhawn Healer
    Session TitleEnergy Coalesce
    My mission is to help people remember who we truly are and to dissolve the illusion of separation through channeled Light Code Downloads and Activations. My energy transmissions are encoded with light codes that help people’s souls remember their purpose and mission in this physical plane.  
  • DJ Beatific Musician Having shown an affinity for music from a very young age, Andorian Ramsey (affectionately known as Beatific )  has been fine-tuning his skills with a unique repertoire of mixes, music elements, and playlists.
  • Domicidre Musician
    Session TitleDomicidre is a French musician and sound designer based in Barcelona, Spain. From ambient to electronica, he explores sonic textures to produce introspective music.
    Domicidre is a French musician and sound designer based in Barcelona, Spain. From ambient to electronica, he explores sonic textures to produce introspective music. Facebook // Instagram
  • Dominic Swinn Healer Dominic was born near London, England and then moved to the Bay Area in 2006. Apart from some Shamanic work in London, Dominic’s spiritual path didn’t begin to manifest until a traumatic break up caused him to seek help in his healing.
  • Domogee Artist My name is Dominique Goree, a.k.a Domogee and I am a emotion driven artist as we all are deep inside.
  • Dr. Aparajita (AJ) Healer
    Session TitleMaking Your Invisible Visible for Happiness
    AJ is a social psychologist, a diversity and inclusion consultant, a certified life and executive coach, an author, a speaker, a podcaster, an immigrant, and a two-time Traumatic Brain Injury survivor. Dr. AJ is the Founder and CEO of AJ Rao, LLC.
  • Drew Angus Musician “I sing for my supper” says Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, Drew Angus who is just the kind of new blood that makes pop rock music so enduring. With indelible hooks, savvy craftsmanship and relatable lyrics, he brings a certain verve to his work that resonated with audiences and fellow performers alike. 
  • Eko Zu Musician Originally formed as a trio in 2016, Eko Zu has been distilled down to the sole member of Los Angeles based Producer/DJ Ian Hicks.
  • El Sol Healer
    Session TitleTarot Talk
  • Eli Lev Musician Rising singer-songwriter and global citizen Eli Lev is making the world a smaller place, one song at a time. Eli pens lyrics and melodies for everyday enlightenment—songs that resonate because they’re heartfelt, earthy, and offer the wisdom he’s gained through lifelong travel and self-discovery.
  • Emi Ollin Healer
    Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences
    Emi Ollin is an indigenous community collective designed to bridge sacred arts, indigenous teachings, and wisdoms through sustainable practices. We respect the indigenous ways and teachings of all lands, all people, and all traditions inclusive of gender, spiritual practice, culture, and ethnicity.
  • Fabian Lijtmaer Artist "How can we awaken our souls? For me, it starts with music… turning myself into a vessel, I enter a meditative state as I sing, dance and do martial arts."
  • Fur Fountains
  • Gattison Musician
    Session TitleGattison
    Gattison's musical career includes two grammy considerations and his music making the billboard charts. You'll enjoy the unique sound that is GATTISON!
  • Gentleman Brawlers Musician Gentleman Brawlers, a Brooklyn 6-Piece fronted by the creative duo Matt Walsh and Becca Fox, are psychedelic Afro-soul revivalists known for infusing throwback electronica and acid rock into their funk-based compositions.
  • Gerle Musician Not all heroes wear capes but we’re all capable of being brave. Whether on a page, a 24-bit wav or a well-lit stage, she appears before you as Gerle but it’s more than just a word, it’s a world.
  • Ginny Adams Kafka Healer
    Session TitlePsychedelic Testimonial
    Ginny Adams Kafka has made a giant pitcher of lemonade from life’s lemons. A true daughter of Appalachia, Ginny was raised in West Virginia, found her spiritual path to observant Judaism in Atlanta, and now resides in Teaneck, NJ with her husband, daughter, two cats, and one dog.
  • Graciala Healer
    Session TitleManifest your Soul
    Fairy Hawk is a Healing Guide and founder of Manifest Your Soul, which uses ancient modalities, and wisdoms to assist the awakening to our souls purpose.
  • Heather Prete Healer
    Session TitleThe Ebb and Flow of Change
    The Ebb and Flow of Change...In Buddhism we understand that we live in a sort of dream... A dream that tells us things are permanent and unchanging. That when relationships, sentient beings, nature changes form, we have lost them into the black hole of mundane life...
  • Jen The Rainmaker Healer Jen The Rainmaker is referred to as a Native Dream Guide in her community who founded DreamYOU University to teach people how to create their dream lives while sleeping using an ancient secret practice that has been passed down for thousands of years by her ancestors known as dream planting. 
  • Johanna OneHeart Musician Johanna Beekman, AKA Johanna OneHeart (E-RYT® 500, YACEP), is a multi-genre recording artist, songstress, coach, and yoga teacher who is loved for her rich, soulful voice, her radiant spirit, and her inspiring songs and chants that tap deep into the collective soul.
  • Kelvin Frazier Healer
    Session TitleKelvin Frazier, PhD Live Performance
    Kelvin is a PhD level chemist who will take you on a musical journey with songs that relates to his life. His music has landed on the Billboard charts, so you don’t want to miss it. In this Live, he will tell you how he was able to successfully balance being a scientist and a recording artist along with the struggles he had to overcome.
  • Kendall Lake Musician Los Angeles native, sultry rock singer Kendall Lake is no stranger to the entertainment industry. At a very young age, Kendall got her start by following in her parents footsteps exploring acting, modeling, dancing, writing and ultimately falling in love with singing and songwriting.
  • Kevin Daniel Musician Raised in North Carolina, Brooklyn-based Americana crooner Kevin Daniel is set on making NYC a destination for Nashville sounds. The songwriter and multi-instrumentalist brings southern rock, gospel, and blues to barrooms of Brooklyn and beyond.
  • Kindred Melodies Musician Kindred harmonies speak to the masculine and feminine rising together in collective unity. Through our creative process, we are learning what it really takes to show up and fall back in the arms of family. We are all Kindred.
  • Kiyoshi Musician Kiyoshi is a world premier entrepre-edutainer, transformational rap coach, movement artist, inspirational vocalist, musician, and songwriter.
  • Klezmer Juice Musician After an unforgettable performance in the Hollywood Mega Hit Movie The Wedding Crashers, Klezmer Juice entertains—and brings people together with their unique and upbeat international sounds Klezmer Juice is the new generation of Jewish Soul music.
  • Kosha Dillz Healer Kosha Dillz, aka Rami Matan Even-Esh, is a Jewish rapper and mental health advocate who needs no introduction.
  • Krystal Aranyani Healer
    Session TitleSensual Awakening with Krystal Aranyani
    A journey into the body and sacred senses, Awakening to the moment and remembering the infinite amounts of gifts it contains. This workshop will include meditation, tantric breath-work, kundalini and sensual movement.
  • Latch Key Kid Musician Latch Key Kid, aka Gavin Heaney, descends from the specifically West Coast tradition of singer-songwriters, those to whom songs arrive as naturally as waves undulating under the California sun.
  • Lena Belle Musician Songstress of the light, Lena Belle sings from a deep love in her soul and shares that love with the world. Her lyrics connect our hearts to nature and the wisdom of our innermost selves. Her joyful mix of crystal clear, soaring vocals, inventive beats, and healing sounds is a breath of fresh air for the listener. 
  • Louis King Musician Louis King has traveled from San Quentin to Harvard sharing his message and teaching Emotional Literacy through music and art.
  • Lucinda Belle Musician Pop-noir singer-songwriter and harpist Lucinda Belle has spent the last several years conquering the United Kingdom, and is now bringing her trademark sound, melding the elegance of white-gloved classic Hollywood with smart hooks and playful pan-genre appropriation, to the United States.
  • Luke Kohen Healer
    Session TitleScalable Fulfillment
    Luke Kohen is a mentor, heartist, speaker & ecopreneur with over a decade of experience empowering individuals, groups & movements.
  • Manuel Sanchez Healer
    Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences
    Emi Ollin is an indigenous community collective designed to bridge sacred arts, indigenous teachings, and wisdoms through sustainable practices. We respect the indigenous ways and teachings of all lands, all people, and all traditions inclusive of gender, spiritual practice, culture, and ethnicity.
  • Matthew ‘Cuban’ Hernandez Artist Matthew ‘Cuban’ Hernandez is a poet, emcee, speaker, and performance coach from Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Maya Musician Los Angeles based singer. Born and raised in Southern California. Appeared on season 10 of The Voice, and also toured with Kanye West as part of the Sunday Service choir.
  • Meira Batya Artist Meira Batya Goodfriend is a visual artist who paints and creates from a love of the colorful spirited life she sees around us.
  • Melinda Ortner Musician California born Melinda Ortner has toured over 25 countries, been nominated for an LA Music Award in “Best Female Pop Category”, she has garnered attention and press across Europe and beyond often being compared to the likes of Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple.
  • Melissa Drake Healer
    Session TitleLetting the Universe Lead
    Life offers a lead. Will you enjoy your dance with life? The greatest Lead Dancer in the Universe is the Universe. TranscenDANCE is the process of surrendering to the lead of the Universe.
  • Mendi Baron Healer
    Session TitleWhat’s Hope got to do with it?
    Mendi Baron, LCSW, is the founder/CEO of several treatment centers including Ignite Teen Treatment, Elemental Treatment, Eden Center for Eating Disorders, and Hope Street. Clinically trained, Mendi hasextensive experience as a therapist in both individual and group counseling programs for children, adolescents, teens, young adults, adults, and families in various settings.
  • Mikey Pauker Musician Mikey Pauker (pronounced pow-ker) is a Jewish Rock artist from Fairfax, California. Pauker has been described as one of "The 10 Stars Of The New Jewish Music via TIME Magazine.
  • Mona Green Healer
    Session TitleMaking the Ego an Amigo 
    Mona Green is a speaker, life coach, and artist defined by her curiosity and her desire to help others self-realize and become more intentional and joyful contributors to society.
  • MOONZz Musician MOONZz is a dynamic singer/songwriter who artfully blends sultry R&B vocals with inventive lyrics to create moody tracks that err on the side of supernatural.
  • My Silent Bravery Musician Billboard Magazine states, "My Silent Bravery plays like a major label signing, from its production savvy, eloquent lyrics, authoritative imaging, polished web site, a dedicated Northeast U.S. fan following, merchandising, and most important, a chockablock collection of winning songs. My Silent Bravery is destined to make major noise."  
  • Nabiro Falogun Healer
    Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences
    Biography Nabiro Falogun is an Ifa Priest, intuitive, and ancestral diviner. They started this path of metaphysics and spirit communication development as early as the age of 10 growing up in a spiritual household.
  • Nikki Lynette Healer
    Session TitleFighting Back Against Mental Health Stigma in 2021
    Nikki Lynette is a performer, writer, and visual artist whose individual style is equal parts hip hop, alternative, and pop.
  • Nina Grae Musician Nina is a California based singer, songwriter, recording artist and model sharing soulful music from the heart, with her guitar and 2 pc band.
  • Noelle Wallwork Healer
    Session TitleEmpowering Your Radiance
    Empowering your Radiance This practice will be comprised of Primal Vinyasa, Kundalini inspired breath-work, and strong asana. Through this practice you will be offered the opportunity to move with intention, connect with your heart space, and drop into meditative movement. 
  • Not Your Muse Artist The artist "Not your muse" may be young in years, but her attention to her surroundings, which she draws inspiration from, displays a maturity unveiled by her artwork. The meaning behind the pseudonym "Not your muse" is rooted in the ideology: every woman should be her own muse and creative force.
  • OmB Artist
  • Oogum Leftfoot Artist
  • Phree artist Phree is an LA Based Artist and Celebrity Fashion Designer. There is no one like Phree, follow the journey.
  • R E L Musician Chicago born/LA based singer-songwriter, R E L, released a crowd-funded debut EP in 2015 called R.E.L. The young, independent artist has amassed over 3 million streams across platforms.
  • Rachel Goldberg Healer
    Session TitleThe Art of Ceremony
    As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Rachel integrates her devotion to energetic health with intuitive pattern recognition skills and iPEC coaching tools to facilitate attitudinal awareness for her clients.
  • Red Panda Music Musician Music from the soul.
  • Reiki Master Dr. Unicorn Healer
    Session TitleVibration Meditation with Dr. Unicorn
    Sound Bath Vibration Meditation with Reiki Master Dr. Unicorn
  • Rhyanna Watson Healer
    Session TitleOpen Hearts Can Unite Soulful Play Flow
    Rhyanna Watson is a yoga teacher, fitness trainer, and popular Instagrammer and YouTuber, who has had a love of all things fitness from a young age.
  • Robyn Stern Healer
    Session TitleLife beyond ones reflection... struggle, power and determination
    Robyn Stern is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and therapist in Florida, New York and California, who has been practicing since 2012.  I received my Masters in Social Work from California State University, Northridge and a Masters in Counseling Education from Hunter College. I provide therapy in FL, NY and CA.
  • RYNO Musician Take a journey through the ethereal world of RYNO…
  • Samuel J Musician Samuel J, is an innovative singer song writer, producer and conservationist from Cornwall (south UK). His unique soul touching voice, gracious melodies and deeply moving lyrics are in-captivating hearts around the world.
  • Sara Mandel Healer Sara is a Yoga teacher based in the Midwest. She is a firm believer that the struggles we encounter on the yoga mat can be taken and applied to all the other areas in our lives to help us with our daily challenges.
  • Sarah BL Healer
    Session TitleRelax, Heal & Meditate with Sound Bowls
    Sarah BL is a Certified Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Coach and Meditation Teacher based out of the powerful Joshua Tree Vortex in California. 
  • Sarah Persitz Healer Leveraging ancient wisdom and healing modalities, Sarah is a transformational coach and reiki healer supporting womxn on the path to integrated living of mind, body and soul.
  • Sey x Yes Artist Sey is an award winning contemporary street artist and designer, born in Tokyo, raised in New York City and currently based in Los Angeles.
  • Shlome Artist Shlome J. Hayun is a contemporary multi-media artist with a positive outlook for the world. Shlome’s literal name translation in Hebrew means “peace,” so it’s no surprise that his art truly mirrors life and is an extension of himself.
  • Simple Man Musician
  • Sounten Musician Following failure, loss, and crisis, this Ambient Folktronic project emerged to explore the ideas of memory, loss, coping with depression, and breaking through.
  • Syd Harvey Healer Through organizing, connecting, and promoting, Syd strives to support and advocate for those living their truth, or serving humanity in their purest, most authentic form.
  • Sylvia Bosco Musician Raised in Los Angeles, Sylvia Bosco is a singer and songwriter who harnesses pop, rock, and soul to highlight the push and pull of love, longing, and lust. Pre-covid, Sylvia performs throughout the LA basin, weekly at vintage flea markets, breweries, and established LA Venues such as The Hotel Cafe and The Mint as a solo act as well as with her band.
  • Talia Dalton Musician Hey! I'm Talia Dalton, a singer/songwriter and artist focused on bringing heartfelt, original music to all of you. I've been singing my whole life and writing songs for 10 years.
  • Tammy Musician Tammy is a singer/songwriter originally hailing from New Jersey. She has sung on records with the likes of Drake & Kanye West, and penned a gold single for European superstar Milow, as well as up and comers Royal & The Serpent (Atlantic), Perry Bancs, and girl group SZNS.
  • The Breath Center Healer
    Session TitleSurfing the Apocalypse
    The Breath Center is a highly visible, transformational organization dedicated to the increased, conscious productivity of individuals and top-level professionals through education, facilitation and the practice of “Respiratory Therapies” utilized by some of the worlds most successful and innovative, industry leaders.
  • The Grounded Elevation Healer
    Session TitleAlignment Coach and Marriage and Family Therapy
    "My mission is to work with you on establishing alignment within all aspects of your life, specifically your mental health and wellness, as well as fostering spiritual practices that resonate with your faith. I incorporate a variety of modalities as part of my work and experiences within the professional, therapeutic, and spiritual worlds."
  • Ting Ting Healer
    Session TitleGuānJīng Method | Activating the Healing Power of Your Hands
    Ting Ting began her journey in the science of self healing at an early age. It was through the gateway of Yoga, where she found the power within stillness of the mind and empowerment through the physical postures.
  • Willow Stephens Musician Willow Stephens is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. The Montana native started her career playing in the coffeehouses of the Pacific NW.