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The Grounded Elevation

The Grounded Elevation

Session TitleAlignment Coach and Marriage and Family Therapy

“My mission is to work with you on establishing alignment within all aspects of your life, specifically your mental health and wellness, as well as fostering spiritual practices that resonate with your faith. I incorporate a variety of modalities as part of my work and experiences within the professional, therapeutic, and spiritual worlds.

Some of my offerings include mindful mental health support, meditation and relaxation techniques, journaling tips and prompts, breathwork, anxiety relief, behavioral intervention, sound healing, and integrating a variety of plant medicine into your growth.

One of my primary goals for you, is helping you set intentions around enhancing your relationships, career development, self-development, and enhancing the overall quality of your day-to-day life. Additionally, I aim to gently help you in healing lingering and unresolved emotions, ideas, and undesired cycles that may have be acting as barriers between your present self, and future desired self. I strive to support you in claiming your passion(s) as part of the path you have always dreamt of paving for yourself. The core of my mission is holding a safe space for you as you take the appropriate steps towards being the leader of the life you are truly worthy of living.

Together we build your personalized plan based on your needs and priorities.
In addition to my formal education and nearly a decade of hands-on-experience, I have and continue to craft my own share of healing and self-growth. I am a firm believer that we can ‘be our own therapists’.\ and my work’s intention is to equip you with the tools essential to your healing, as you find the therapist within yourself.”

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