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Alloyius McIlwaine

Alloyius McIlwaine


This self-taught American artist was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has been passionate about the arts since his childhood. Thus, Alloyius McIlwaine has been painting and drawing on a daily basis since he was three years old, following his own desires and working without any preconceived ideas. As he puts it so well, “the idea of appealing to an emotional response, through the use of color, shapes, textures and composition, has always fascinated [him]”.

As a child, he quickly developed a taste for these elements through working with comics, devoting himself diligently and faithfully to reproducing the drawings down to the very last detail. A few years later, fueled by his own personal discoveries, the young artist set out to experiment with different media and styles in order to finally develop his own pictorial writing.His artistic language lies between figuration and abstraction, incorporating elements from both urban and pop art and it is resolutely free and contemporary. Whether he is working on canvas or on walls, Alloyius spontaneously and naturally takes pleasure in coating surfaces with large colored planes to give rise to pictorial, and extremely dynamic, creations.

He is also a muralist and has painted these murals across the globe – from Japan to France, Costa Rica to Morocco – and has also covered a large number of public and private facades all around his native country with his unique signature. This artist is as enthusiastic as he is passionate, and likes to disseminate his works in order to cover cities with bright and joyful splashes of color.

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