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Session TitleSurfing the Apocalypse

Session: Surfing the Apocalypse

* The power of realizing we’ve been waiting for this to bring us into truth for a very long time. Wax up your boards the tide is high!


“Only with compassion, acceptance, kindness, generosity, transparency, and authenticity will we create a sustainable future for those who will inherit this planet. Let’s make sure that happens together.” ~Michael Brian Baker

The Breath Center is a highly visible, transformational organization dedicated to the increased, conscious productivity of individuals and top-level professionals through education, facilitation and the practice of “Respiratory Therapies” utilized by some of the worlds most successful and innovative, industry leaders.

As need increases to sustain a continued competitive edge in our ever expanding market place, work environments and CEU programs provided for individuals must be designed ahead of their times in order to provide fertile soil for inspired new world ideals and accelerated emotional intelligence which initiates the fresh growth required to stay ahead of the competition.

The Breath Center assesses those needs, educates and creates immersions for everybody from individuals to corporations in order to accelerate their performance, creating new found balance in life management and an increase in compassionate leadership skills.

The Breath Center works with a diverse spectrum of the population, including veterans, medical doctors, alternative health practitioners, artists, those recovering from addiction,the terminally ill, and everyday people who seek to improve their physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual health.

Over the past decade The Breath Center has transformed the lives of thousands, shifting people into their highest potential at rates never seen before by Western Therapeutics, the over saturated “life coaching” market or any proven medical hypothesis that supports the evolution of humanity.


Bio: Michael Brian Baker is a beloved teacher of Eastern, South American and Native American Spiritual Theory and practice. He is the creator of “The Anatomy of Awakening” curriculum, which has garnered him a well-deserved reputation for taking large groups of people through an initiatory rite that reveals their true essence and fills them with a profound sense of hope. He skillfully blends Western Medical Science with Eastern Vedic Philosophy, and is a featured Keynote speaker at Bastyr University, The Arizona Study of Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders, UCLA’s Psychedelic Science Symposium, Holistic Veterans Foundation, Nationally Accredited Substance Abuse Treatment Centers. He is the founder of The Breath Center Healing Arts Collective.