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Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz


Kosha Dillz, aka Rami Matan Even-Esh, is a Jewish rapper and mental health advocate who needs no introduction. He started his career appearing on stage with Matisyahu at BB Kings on cold night in front of sold-out show.

Since then, he has released various albums showcasing his Jewish identity (including his most recent Nobody Cares Except You) , all with a staple statement by having a song in Hebrew, Spanish, and even Yiddish. After touring the globe with Matisyahu from Jerusalem to Poland to Washington, Rami began to tour solo garnering large crowds of diverse identities from his pure hip hop style of freestyle rap. After being introduced to the Jewish world via Matisyahu, the Israeli American rapper has gone onto collaborate with various artists on live events from Moshav Band, Alexander Clare, Nissim Black, Soulfarm and various other Jewish superstars. A proud touring artist, Rami is one of the first Jewish artists to have performed concerts in all 50 states (yes…even Alaska and Hawaii!) and the first rapper to ever perform in Hebrew at the BET Hip Hop Awards. While he isn’t rapping, he frequently writes for publications like Billboard and Variety Magazine on the topic of fighting anti-semiitism in the music industry. After living In Israel for the last year and residing in LA for 8 years, Rami is currently performing all around NYC raising charity for non-profit organizations that help save nightlife workers who are suffering from the loss of work via COVID 19.

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