The Boom Bap Kids - Don't Block Your Blessings
The Boom Bap Kids

The Boom Bap Kids


Purveyors of fun and hip hop, The Boom Bap Kids, will bring their fabric puppetry and beats to the festival.  

What started as an art project in building puppets for friends quickly evolved into a weekly puppet show and dj livestream on Twitch. From the creative mind of Aaron ‘Woes’ Martin, The Boom Bap Kids, sets out to become a sketch type show with segments geared toward or a more Golden Era Hip Hop demographic. For now the weekly mix show has become a giant amongst giants in the DJ and music world, getting props from the likes of Lil’ Jon, and guest appearances from world class talent like Z-Trip, Shortkut and The Beat Junkies. It is easy to see the passion and energy poured into every stitch of every show. Having grown up watching Jim Henson’s creations come to life, Woes always pictured himself as part of the crew, mingling with or becoming a puppet himself, manifesting that dream was a natural progression. When the pandemic shut everything down, he linked up with producer friends Silent John and Michael Steel who would learn the art of the puppet master while kicking puppet production into overdrive.

The team built puppets that reflected the music and hip hop culture they have all participated in over the last couple of decades. Drawing inspiration from street art and years of traveling while creating, the team wanted to be able tell stories based on their own experiences with this unlikely medium. In no time an entire gang of dj, artist and producer puppets emerged creating a dream like scenario where top tier DJs & musicians meet the feel good vibes of The Muppets, to an internet world flooded with an over saturation of dj livesteams.

Woes and crew are looking forward to taking the show on the road in the future, for now they continue to develop a show for future distribution, while continuing to share and stream across all platforms @theboombapkids.