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Kimmy Dueñas 

Kimmy Dueñas 

Session TitleBreathing love IN!

A heart-opening yoga practice and self-love workshop

The greatest relationship we have in this world is the one we have with ourselves. So often our experiences or interactions with others pull us away from this knowing and we become disconnected from ourselves, avoid our needs, or put much of our energy into behaviors or people that do not serve our highest good.

The love for ourselves never goes away, yet the key to stepping into that LOVE on a daily basis begins with AWARENESS. Cultivating awareness of our needs, hopes, fears, and past experiences can provide us the information we require to radically care for and honor our being.

In this heart-opening yoga practice, we will breathe and move with intention, creating the space to allow love IN. Then from that place, we will dive into a reflective writing workshop, planting the seeds for deep connection and growth within ourselves.

My hands are at my heart with so much gratitude and excitement to share this special practice with you. See you on the mat!


Kimmy Dueñas is an international Mindfulness and Wellbeing Guide, yoga teacher, and conscious activist. She is passionate about creating thoughtful spaces for people to develop deeper connections to their well-being, identity, and the world around them.

Prior to establishing her wellness community, she taught in classrooms around the world and oversaw global humanitarian projects. Through this meaningful work, Kimmy understood the need to make personal development spaces accessible for all people. It was clear that healing our world must begin with healing ourselves.

While volunteering in India for two years, she became a devoted student of yoga and completed her teaching certification from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai. Her evolving practice sparked a call to action within her – to guide others in exploring wellness practices as a restorative force in our communities. Her passion for and belief in the power of healing led her to create Learn. Grow. Rise. (LGR), a yoga, mindful living, and conscious activism community.

The programs at LGR offer spaces for developing self-awareness, mastering mindset, and stepping into a lifestyle of growth that inspires collective social action. Combining her background in education, Eastern philosophy, and Western psychology, Kimmy has designed experiences that support her community in learning about themselves, growing through transformational practices, and rising up into a life of purpose.

Let’s rise together – join us at  Learn. Grow. Rise. for classes, group programs, 1:1 guidance, and workshops!