Hava - Don't Block Your Blessings


Session TitleName of the topic is “Why the fear? Let's unleash your inner power and create health

Hava is a loving mother to 6 incredible children. Like many mothers today she was tired of always asking herself why is my child always sick?! It was around 2000 when Hava decided to take charge of her children’s health and started learning about the power of herbal medicine, good nutrition, and healthy living. After studying in Dr. Christopher’s school of Natural Healing she decided that this was her calling. The wonders of natural medicine have been long forgotten and it is her goal to make sure all of her patients and clients learn its powers. Unfortunately, our generation has lost, or rather forgotten, how to care for our family naturally. It is time to gain back the confidence and knowledge that our ancestors once had. Rather than running to modern medicine, so many common illnesses can be healed and cared for in a natural and safe way.

My mission:
It is our goal to get YOU back to your healthy self. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, they just tend to need something to aid them along the way. This is where herbal medicine comes into play. Natural healing is not for everyone, it is for people who are willing to make a lifestyle change and really take back control of their lives. It is our goal to guide you through it and give you the necessary tools to do so.