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Civia Caroline

Civia Caroline

Session TitleManage Your Mind for an Impactful Life

Civia Caroline is a music industry impact coach with 17+ years of experience in marketing and artist management.

She has worked with artists such as Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, Flyleaf, Alanis Morissette, and so many young and developing artists eager to make their mark. Over the course of many years working with artists who care deeply about the world around them, she developed a niche in cause-related marketing. In early 2021, Civia brought all of her experience together with her passion for social impact & activism and personal development and started CLiC Impact Coaching.

As an impact coach, Civia operates on the belief that the greatest impact one can have in the world- through their art, their music, or any other inherent talent or passion – is directly determined by the relationship they have with themselves. Civia works one-on-one with her clients, as well as through workshops and seminars,  to help mission-driven people show up as their authentic selves so that they can increase their impact in the world.