Sand Symes - Don't Block Your Blessings
Sand Symes

Sand Symes

Session TitleThe Power of working with your Ancestors to Rewrite the Past and Reshape your life!

“I’m a modern medicine woman, shamanic practitioner, seer, transformational coach and entrepreneur.

I’m blessed to bridge the wisdom of the spiritual and physical realms — weaving together ancient shamanic practices and wisdom from my guides and ancestors with Quantum Physics, modern day psychology and the best of the personal development movement.

For more than three decades, I’ve been an advocate for women: I’ve been a social worker, business coach and a healer. I’ve supported victims of domestic abuse and successful female entrepreneurs, women behind bars and those trapped in their own limiting beliefs.

Because of my own personal journey, I understand the wounds that women carry and the obstacles we face. As a seer I can literally see the patterns of this wounding and also the light, the potential and the unique medicines inside women.

I bring all of this in service of the awakening of Feminine Wisdom here in these challenging and incredibly potent days of women rising up here on Planet Earth!”

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