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Inbal Nissim

Inbal Nissim


Inbal Nissim

 Artist Statement

“ For the sake of this to be talked / more than one language needed. / And more then mother language . / And there is a need for an Harmonica mouth and Akordion heart, / to say sounds to silence and Deafness, / that haven’t learned Sign Language / “

Most of my significant life experiences are felt in such a way that an explanation or a definition is not possible. The experience remains.

Painting is my language in which I speak all these. I feel that some of them are collective and thus can touch others and speak in the name of their heart as in the name of mine.

Inbal Nissim

Born Jerusalem, Israel, 1979

Lives and works in Melbourne I Naarm

Inbal Nissim’s intuitive, poignant paintings are drawn from her inner archive, including private, collective, historical and subconscious experiences and memories.  

Working primarily in ink on either paper or fabric, her mystical, nearly dream-like paintings flow with the many shades of life’s encounters; from the tumultuous to joyful and beyond. Her innate sense of colour, line, form and light give expression to the world as she understands it. Inbal’s deeply felt, oftentimes profound work has a unique way of connecting with those who engage with it.

Inbal received her MFA (2011) as well as BFA (2006) from the Bezel Academy of Art and Design, from which she graduated with Honours and received several awards including the Mitchell Presser Prize for Excellence in Painting. She was previously a lecturer for painting and drawing at The Bezalel Academy, and the Bar Ilan University (2013 – 2017) in Israel. Recently, she was a recipient of a City of Melbourne Arts Grant (2021). Inbal’s work has been exhibited internationally and is represented in private collections.