Nabiro Falogun - Don't Block Your Blessings
Nabiro Falogun

Nabiro Falogun

Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences

Biography Nabiro Falogun is an Ifa Priest, intuitive, and ancestral diviner. They started this path of metaphysics and spirit communication development as early as the age of 10 growing up in a spiritual household. Coming from a long line of indigenous priests, oracles, medicine men/women, spiritualists, and healers Nabiro has been fully immersed in the metaphysical plane to cultivate an understanding of “unseen” energetic dynamics. Nabiro is of service in utilizing their gifts of divination, herbal medicine, spiritual offerings, and energy healing. This unique skill set also makes Nabiro ideal for space and environment clearings, mediations, as well as energetic consultations. Nabiro has been practicing divination and energy medicine for 14+ years studying different healing modalities, spiritual phenomenon, shamanism, as well as different forms of ancestral magic, ultimately to create a universal approach that is respective of different lineages, paths, and walks of life to accurately access one’s destiny, and the blockages that prevent one from living an authentic lifestyle. After accessing one’s situation, Nabiro offers the appropriate spiritual medicine designed to transform one’s blockages into blessings, this is done by way of ritual work, prayers, or herbal remedy, whichever is most appropriate and efficient at the time being.

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