Danielle Grozavu - Don't Block Your Blessings
Danielle Grozavu

Danielle Grozavu

Session TitleWhat’s Blocking Your Blessings?
Danielle is an Energetic Wellness Specialist who educates people on taking care of their spiritual well-being from a metaphysical perspective. Her mission is to spread awareness about the tools and techniques available that eliminate suffering caused by trauma, emotional baggage and limiting beliefs. She practices a healing modality called Ancestral Clearing that removes the unwanted energies within you, your family and ancestry. She has a practical approach to spirituality that brings more ease, flow and abundance to your everyday life.

Session Title: What’s Blocking Your Blessings?

What blessings are you blocking from coming into your life? More money? A romantic partner? Better health? A happy state of mind?
In this session we are going to find and release anything standing in the way of receiving your blessings right now. Using energy clearing I will dissolve the blocks that are standing in your way. This will be a powerful session and you won’t be the same person by the end.