HARDCHARLIE - Don't Block Your Blessings


Session TitleHow to Cure Anxiety

Honesty is essential to an artist’s credibility. Hailing from Chicago, it is the truth in HARDCHARLiE’s music that sets him apart from so many other artists. There is much more here than empty lines about cars, women, and money. There is a connection to be made with every listener; a way of liberating oneself from the constant pummeling of daily existence. HARDCHARLiE personifies hardship, and defines a path to overcoming it with songs that are known to be drenched in sincerity and rumbling with vigor. Each track has been given a dynamic glow with impressive production from Alex Bork (Teen Heat). HARDCHARLiE brings new talent to both the hip hop and acoustic emo genres, composing his tracks with a delicious blend of heart, head, and gut.

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