Casilda Zackhariyas - Don't Block Your Blessings
Casilda Zackhariyas

Casilda Zackhariyas

Session TitleConscious Capitalism

Casilda serves as a bridge between spirituality and corporate, to help elevate the consciousness of corporate to be a force for social good. Her direct experiences have revealed to her that we are all pure consciousness, at various points on the awakening spectrum; we steam from the one primordial peace, the seed of infinite potential where all possibilities exist. She is the great-granddaughter of a respected healer from South Asia known for helping people with complex conditions. She accidentally discovered her lineage while on her own shamanic healing journey, and now reemerging after 8 years of full-time commitment to deepen and transform from within. She is in the midst of birthing several projects, including two upcoming books, the first one is aimed at supporting parents and children.

New website launching soon. To reach Casilda, please DM via Instagram @mypursuitofpeace or via Linkedin.