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Casilda Sol

Casilda Sol

Session TitleExpanding Consciousness: The Source Code to Thriving

Casilda Sol is a former marketing executive, with multi-billion dollar award winning products developed under her leadership and hands-on approach. The fleeting nature of outward success, burnout, depression and more made her imagine that there must be a healthier way to thrive for a more fulfilling life. She pivoted into self-healing over the last nine years learning and using a wide range of holistic methods that worked with an integrative, patient, and persistent approach. She has now returned to her corporate roots bridging spirituality and business as the founder of Sol Medicine Inc., a consumer products and services company with one mission: To create products and experiences that help people thrive for a joyful life.

The game changer in her transformation journey came after 7 years when she let go of many false beliefs, including many in the spiritual community to truly allow the expansion of her own consciousness. It was a lot of trial, error, and refinement to delve deeper to connect to the source within. She does not consider herself a spiritual teacher, in fact she believes this wisdom can not be taught as direct experience is essential for true sustained transformation. She is a guide, sort of a human GPS that can point the way and share wisdom for your own inquiry to see what works for you.

Casilda’s education includes: a degree in Sociology, with a focus on Consumer Behavior and Marketing; Ethical Shamanic Healing; Certified Core Healing Breath-work Facilitator and classically trained in Bharatanatyam.

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Upcoming Session: Expanding Consciousness: The Source Code to Thriving
At 7:30 pm PST

Past Session:Conscious Capitalism

Description: How can you thrive midst immense unprecedented personal and global uncertainties? Tune-in to this session and see what might be useful in your own inquiry for a more joyful life.

Past Session: Conscious Capitalism