Eko Zu - Don't Block Your Blessings
Eko Zu

Eko Zu


Originally formed as a trio in 2016, Eko Zu has been distilled down to the sole member of Los Angeles based Producer/DJ Ian Hicks.

With a background heavily rooted playing guitar and drums in rock bands from middle school through college, and the experience of over 6 years as the touring FOH sound engineer for The Glitch Mob, The Chainsmokers, Big Wild, Bassnectar, and PK Sound, Ian’s sound combines elements from a diverse background deep in the Bass scene.

Featuring collaborations with Ahee and Bachelors of Science, and upcoming releases with MOONZz, Kraddy, ill.Gates, and Seal (yes, Seal Seal), the sound of Eko Zu continues to evolve with the personal growth and relationships of Ian’s community in LA and beyond.

Releases on labels like Westwood, CODE Recordings, an upcoming release on Excision’s Subsidia, and performances at Northern Nights and Pixie Dust music festivals are strong indicators of the growing momentum behind Eko Zu.

With a firm belief that Bass music is leading the industry in inclusiveness, accountability and global love, as well as building a community of like-minded artists such as dancers, vocalists, instrumentalists, and producers sharing similar values, Eko Zu shines like a beacon of light drawing in listeners and collaborators from across the globe, like moths to a flame.