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Bee Marina

Bee Marina

Session TitleActivation & Alignment & Alive-ness

Bee Marina is an Empowerment & Leadership Coach who helps clients activate their souls truth, own their power and live intentionally. Bee believes that everyone has a potent magic in our hearts and that our mission, once discovered it to unleash it. Through NLP, spiritual psychology & transformational coaching, she guides others to getting clear on who they are, what their magic is and how to live more in your souls highest expression. Having been a struggling actor, to succeeding as a sales and marketing executive, her skills, and future always seemed to be in others hands. Also, being queer, spiritual and bold meant not fitting in, but instead standing out and forging her own path. Bee is here to guide you through a deep soul dive, help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs, find your higher wisdom within & move confidently into your most radiant, authentic self expression to create a life you feel FULLY ALIVE in.