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Session TitleOpen Body, Open Heart - Kundalini Flow Fusion with Arezu

Arezu is a lifelong yogi, she was introduced to meditation at age 5, and yoga by the age of 7. She then became the youngest KRI Certified Kundalini teacher at age 14. She has dedicated her life to following this passion, through her brand InspireZu, inspiring YOU! She teaches over 10 styles of Yoga for all ages & Meditation, traveling often teaching workshops and retreats internationally and for corporate wellness. While also having an online library of classes and offerings.

She is also a certified Brain Longevity Specialist giving her “Brain Booster” courses, bridging the science behind spirituality.  Her life mission, as her brand of InspireZu ( states, is to use the mindful practice of yoga as a platform to inspire, unite and uplift all those whom she comes across. Stay connected via IG: @inspire_zu

Session Title: Open Body, Open Heart – Kundalini Flow Fusion with Arezu

Description: Kundalini Core Flow is a one-of-a-kind yoga class trademarked by Arezu. She fuses the yogic lineages of: Kundalini, Hatha, and Vinyasa. This class incorporates Kundalini breathwork (pranayama), with specific heart opening mantras (in Gurmukhi), and spinal warm ups to allow the Kundalini energy to rise from the base of the spine. The asanas will be targeting your spine and chest, which are the front and back of your heart center. You will learn many poses that can be practiced on a daily basis to release fears and egoic thoughts, which may have kept you in the past shielded and protected from receiving and experiencing LOVE