Festival Producer, Erez Safar's New Album Hits Stores Tonight! - Don't Block Your Blessings

Festival Producer, Erez Safar’s New Album Hits Stores Tonight!

Just as Erez Safar aka h2the takes the stage to live-stream tonight for the 3rd Don’t Block Your Blessings Festival in honor and memory of his mom on the one year anniversary of her passing, Side A of his album will hit stores.



h2the released a side album as a taste of his instrumental space. Dubbed An Album of Lo-Fi Songs That Will Never Trend (On Spotify), it was a poem written by the artist with the title of each track making up the whole poem and album, which premiered in his live stream festival Lo-Freq Fest. The festival was featured in Billboard and shared around the globe enough times to trend.
Now, he is set to release the opposite sort of album. One full of trend-worthy bangers, including “Gotta Let You Go” featuring Flavia, which premiered on MTV’s Teen Mom. The album, which is his official debut, is titled “Beautiful Losers”. Originally setting out to brand himself as a synth artist visually, aesthetically, and sonically, he found the songs being produced kept leaning heavier and heavier into pop collaborations as he kept producing with artists such as R E L and REV-ENG (Jaden, Willow).

Side A of Beautiful Losers finishes off with two covers which are unique, as they are covers in name only, rather than sonically. The first, Happiness is a Warm Gun, featuring regular collaborator and vocalist/producer Sounten, teases h2the’s upcoming Beatles project, which takes a selection of well-loved Beatles songs and breathes a new and different life into them, as the melodies float over infectious hip hop rhythm. To complement the Beatles tracks, he takes on Dolly Parton’s “Here We Go Again” as a stripped down, introspective, alt-synth beat featuring the unforgettable vocals of Willow Stephens.

An album of lo-fi songs that will never trend was meant to represent not what is, but what could have been. With Beautiful Losers, h2the takes us again into what could be, with Side A being released on October 28th as he takes the stage at the Don’t Block Your Blessings Festival!