Zusha sings for the last moments of her soul's ascension - Don't Block Your Blessings

Zusha sings for the last moments of her soul’s ascension

I still remember having to switch my flight to get back to DC being so scared that I wouldn’t make it in time to say bye to my mom for the last time. I freaked out and tried to think of what I could do to send her the message that I was running back when she wasn’t even speaking or reacting to anything at that time. I remembered our favorite artist/producer/singer is Idan Raichel and even though I probably wouldn’t be able to get a hold of him in time, since he is a world famous artist who sells out shows anywhere he goes, the thing about him is he is a righteous and giving soul and so he picked up on the first ring, I told him the situation and that if he could maybe film himself telling her I was on my way, she would feel it, within minutes, he did just that, “Frida, Erez is on his way, sending love and a big hug from Israel” as I am writing this I am tearing up, it was just so full of care and love, he then went on to play his big single, Mimaamakim, my uncle played it for my mom and she squeezed his hand, he said, she hasn’t done that for days. I felt a bit of relief that she knew I was running back, I was crying and running and wishing I could fly faster, meanwhile I had asked my friend Shlomo from Zusha to perhaps send a video of him singing something for her. I grew up in Shlomo’s house down the block from my moms, many years later he formed Zusha a world music band that’s focused on rich ancient Jewish texts and spirituality. Their sound is what you would imagine if Jeff Buckley and Chris Martin became Kabbalists, it’s gorgeous and I put it on in the background when I study Jewish texts, spirituality and prayer, words and melodies which emanate from the heart, enter the heart, and this music is all heart.

When I got to my moms, I grabbed her hand, and told her how much I love her, and how amazing she has been to me and my kids, all the support and love. I asked for forgiveness for anything I may have done in the past intentionally or unintentionally, and forgave her for anything she may have done in a similar way, so that her soul can ascend on high – pure and not held back by anything in this world. I played her the Idan Raichel video again, and then read her the poem I had written about her two weeks prior, I barely got through it, I just kept getting choked up, the next morning I did much of the same and then played this video from Shlomo, a melody he made up on the spot, it was holy and spiritual and I think she felt it. An hour later I watched her pass into the next world. My sister, and my moms brother and sister were with me, we knew it was happening just then and grabbed each other as it did. My mom got to pass with her loved ones sending her off into the next world with love and prayers. Her soul is soaring and watching over us and my kids, she is closer to the source than ever before, but I still miss her more than ever. I will stay in the @dontblockyourblessings space and bring the goodness she gave me to the world. Love you!

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