2020 Festival Recap - Don't Block Your Blessings


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  • Manuel Sanchez Healer
    Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences
    Emi Ollin is an indigenous community collective designed to bridge sacred arts, indigenous teachings, and wisdoms through sustainable practices. We respect the indigenous ways and teachings of all lands, all people, and all traditions inclusive of gender, spiritual practice, culture, and ethnicity.
  • Noelle Wallwork Healer
    Session TitleEmpowering Your Radiance
    Empowering your Radiance This practice will be comprised of Primal Vinyasa, Kundalini inspired breath-work, and strong asana. Through this practice you will be offered the opportunity to move with intention, connect with your heart space, and drop into meditative movement. 
  • Kendall Lake Musician Los Angeles native, sultry rock singer Kendall Lake is no stranger to the entertainment industry. At a very young age, Kendall got her start by following in her parents footsteps exploring acting, modeling, dancing, writing and ultimately falling in love with singing and songwriting.
  • Maya Musician Los Angeles based singer. Born and raised in Southern California. Appeared on season 10 of The Voice, and also toured with Kanye West as part of the Sunday Service choir.
  • Lena Belle Musician Songstress of the light, Lena Belle sings from a deep love in her soul and shares that love with the world. Her lyrics connect our hearts to nature and the wisdom of our innermost selves. Her joyful mix of crystal clear, soaring vocals, inventive beats, and healing sounds is a breath of fresh air for the listener. 
  • Sey x Yes Artist Sey is an award winning contemporary street artist and designer, born in Tokyo, raised in New York City and currently based in Los Angeles.
  • Syd Harvey Healer Through organizing, connecting, and promoting, Syd strives to support and advocate for those living their truth, or serving humanity in their purest, most authentic form.
  • Christopher Peña Healer
    Session TitleThe Art of Ceremony
    Christopher Peña is a dreamer, truth seeker, and mindfulness practitioner, rooted in unconditional love and non-judgement. After sustaining an injury in 2015, Chris dove into personal well-being as a means for alternative healing.
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