2020 Festival Recap - Don't Block Your Blessings


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  • Emi Ollin Healer
    Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences
    Emi Ollin is an indigenous community collective designed to bridge sacred arts, indigenous teachings, and wisdoms through sustainable practices. We respect the indigenous ways and teachings of all lands, all people, and all traditions inclusive of gender, spiritual practice, culture, and ethnicity.
  • Aadhya Arya Healer
    Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences
    Aadhya Arya serves as a Personal Transformation Coach and Ascension Lifestyle Guide. She offers Clarity Coaching and Soul Support Sessions to support awakened souls on their journey into greater clarity of their gifts, soul mission, and dharmic purpose.
  • Nabiro Falogun Healer
    Session TitleAn initiation of the elements through guided ancestral experiences
    Biography Nabiro Falogun is an Ifa Priest, intuitive, and ancestral diviner. They started this path of metaphysics and spirit communication development as early as the age of 10 growing up in a spiritual household.
  • Krystal Aranyani Healer
    Session TitleSensual Awakening with Krystal Aranyani
    A journey into the body and sacred senses, Awakening to the moment and remembering the infinite amounts of gifts it contains. This workshop will include meditation, tantric breath-work, kundalini and sensual movement.
  • Chanel and the Circus Musician Chanel & the Circus is a theatrical rock band hailing from LA. Spearheaded by gender fluid Chanel (they/them), the band aims to inspire positive mental and physical health. They’ve been gigging around LA playing queer festivals and headlining an actual circus in DTLA. Since quarantine, they have been digging deep and are now recording a musical short film about loss, time, and love.
  • Reiki Master Dr. Unicorn Healer
    Session TitleVibration Meditation with Dr. Unicorn
    Sound Bath Vibration Meditation with Reiki Master Dr. Unicorn
  • Melissa Drake Healer
    Session TitleLetting the Universe Lead
    Life offers a lead. Will you enjoy your dance with life? The greatest Lead Dancer in the Universe is the Universe. TranscenDANCE is the process of surrendering to the lead of the Universe.
  • Kelvin Frazier Healer
    Session TitleKelvin Frazier, PhD Live Performance
    Kelvin is a PhD level chemist who will take you on a musical journey with songs that relates to his life. His music has landed on the Billboard charts, so you don’t want to miss it. In this Live, he will tell you how he was able to successfully balance being a scientist and a recording artist along with the struggles he had to overcome.
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